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In-house algorithm development projects creating value with contractors.
With lending structures to suit your investment ideals.



profit on maturity

Yearly rollover optional

Enquire to access terms


ALL investments are taken as loans with agreed upon terms and ALL loans are secured against cash & assets from two invested partner companies with over 20 combined years of successful trading history as well as our own funds for double liability. 

If a lender is interested in longer term options or something alternate to what we offer by default, we are open to discussions and negotiations. 

All relevant details supplied in private communication on expression of interest.
Investors are provided total contractual legal protection for investment. 

We do not offer financial advice and loans are taken as generic utility with contractual security.

Loans are liable to be paid back with agreed interest early if certain conditions are met. 

All contracts are open to being renegotiated at will but can only be modified if agreed by all parties on paper. 

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